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In true rock n roll fashion; The Desert Sea came from humble beginnings – three long-time friends, a case of beer and a guitar-fueled jam session that would be etched in their neighbours memories for years to come. Granted free reign of his parent’s garage, Ben (guitar) quickly extended invites to mates, Ashton (lead Guitar, Vocals) and Andy (Bass) and although unaware at the time, a profound musical journey had begun. The boys continued to hone their skills with regular jams but the time had come to find a drummer. Ashton’s brother Will put his hand up for the job and after blitzing the audition it was the clear the missing link had been found. The chemistry was undeniable and The Desert Sea was born.

The boys began playing regular shows in their hometown of Sydney as well as touring up and down Australia’s East coast. Drawing influences from blues, hard rock and grunge they continued to refine their sound, once being described as “The Love Child of The Black Keys and Soundgarden”.
With every show The Desert Sea gained momentum, developing a loyal fan base and a reputation for high-energy live performances. Their unique blend of raw yet soulful vocal melodies, earthy riffs and chest pounding rhythm’s, serve up a tasty cocktail that’s sure to leave you with a sore head and a vague recollection of what could’ve been the night of your life.


Through hard work and dedication The Desert Sea has kicked numerous personal goals since their inception back in 2012. They’ve shed blood and sweat at iconic venues like The Metro, The Annandale, The Vanguard and The Beach Hotel as well as sharing the stage with some of Australia’s finest acts including ‘Sticky fingers’, ‘Ash Grunwald’, ‘The Fumes’ and ‘Jebediah’.
A stint at Oceanic Studios, owned by legendary guitarist Jim Moginie (Midnight Oil) saw the completion of The Desert Sea’s debut EP ‘Oceanic’. It’s singles ‘Reflection’ and ‘Settle The Score’ were released consecutively and received rave reviews, radio play from Triple J, Fbi and community stations Australia wide as well as airplay from both UK and US radio.

The Desert Sea is now ready to take 2016 head on with the completion of a new EP and a brand new single ready for release. What this space………..


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